New Release Friday: songs out on May 13th

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So, here’s the latest New Release Friday roundup. Songs by Bayku, Charlotte Sands, The Q-Tip Bandits, among other amazing acts, make our selection of new tunes released this Friday. Scribbled below are brief notes about seven of those songs.

Kadebostany x Sena Şener – “Two Lovebirds in a Cage”

Swiss electronic producer Kadebostany has just released “Two Lovebirds in a Cage”. The pop/dance track features the powerful vocals of Turkish-born singer Sena Şener. Its flawless production infuses a ’70s aesthetic to Kadebostany’s modern style. The result is a tune with amazing vocals and a nostalgic vibe — and one I’ll be playing on repeat.

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Bayku x M.anifest – “Sake Of Money”

With the unveiling of new song “Sake of Money”, US rapper/producer Bayku initiates the process leading to the release of his new album, Warrior King. “Sake Of Money” features Ghanaian emcee M.anifest. Produced by Mike Millz On Em, the hard-hitting trap tune carries some unique flows. Lyrically, the artists emphasize money as a necessity, telling us about their strugglesome pursuit of it.

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Charlotte Sands x Aaron Gillespie – “Out of My Head”

Global superstar Charlotte Sands has released a new single that saw her team up with legendary musician Aaron Gillespie. Named “Out of My Head”, it’s an alt-rock anthem filled with soaring vocals and brilliant melodies. Not only is Aaron a co-writer, he also plays drums on this track. Speaking about the song, Charlotte explains, “Getting to write with Aaron Gillespie is always a privilege, but having him play drums on this song as well blew my mind. He’s such a magical person and an incredible creator and I’m so lucky I get to witness it in so many ways, it’s what makes ‘Out Of My Head’ so special.

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The Q-Tip Bandits – “Better Place”

Groovy, upbeat and melodious, Boston trio The Q-Tip Bandits‘ new song is simply stunning. As a release, “Better Place” billed as the second single from their upcoming new album, Melancholy Flowers. The song is much more laidback as compared to the first single, “Daisy”. It typifies their indie-pop style. “Better Place” is such a heartwarming piece.

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Daniel Blume – “On The Side”

Irish electronic producer and vocalist Daniel Blume is back with a song that kicksstarts the roll-out of his next EP. Calling it “On The Side”, he crafted an emotive EDM banger with endearing tropical vibes. “‘On The Side’ was born at a time I’d been going through an experience where I was being played and strung along by somebody, and I wanted to try and channel that emotion into a really condensed and snappy vocal hook. It sat on my laptop for 2 years because I didn’t know what to do with it and then fast forward to now, it ended up being one of the key pillars that led me to discovering my sound as an artist, so it had to be the song that led this new era of my career,” Blume divulges. He paired this single with a live-performance video.

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Apostol – “To The Fire”

Apostol is a new artist who brings with him a fresh brand of raw soul music. The Filipino-born British singer-songwriter is gifted with a powerful voice and takes influences from the likes of Aretha Franklin, Marvin Gaye and Sammy Davis Jr. His newest release “To The Fire” was written with JJ Draper and produced by Joey Walker. It’s a powerful song. While releasing “To The Fire”, Apostol wrote on Instagram: “I don’t know where it would lead but grateful that I get to make music and share it to world, hope that somehow it will encourage and empower any of you who’s listening to do better and improve yourself the way music made me feel like I can conquer the world

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Bazzi – “Will It Ever Feel The Same”

Platinum-selling pop artist Bazzi‘s new song “Will It Ever Feel The Same” is his most personal piece yet. And that’s a sentiment echoed by the Lebanese-American singer himself. “Will It Ever Feel The Same” is a vulnerable and honest expression of the pain of losing one’s love. The music video which was directed by Bradley Calder further accentuates the emotion carried by lyrics.

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