Pop music roundup: 6 new songs to add to your playlist

Enjoy Aipate‘s latest selection of pop songs. You should also consider adding the six tracks to your playlist(s).

Eloise Alterman – “Her”

A new song by Eloise Alterman finds the rising Detroit-raised singer-songwriter with her heart on her sleeve. Titled “Her”, the emotional pop ballad is part of her debut EP, Sad Bird (out on ATCO/Big Yellow Dog/Atlantic Records). For new listeners, the piano-guided piece is an exhibition of Eloise’s powerful voice and ability to make soul-baring songs. The Ava Rikki-directed music video for “Her” is equally beautiful.

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Wrabel – “closure”

Wrabel is scheduled to drop these words are all for you too. That upcoming LP is the deluxe edition of his 2021 debut album, these words are all for you. Released about a week ago is the song “closure”. This disco-flavoured pop track is an ode to finding the courage to move on. “closure” is covered in a synth-driven and danceable tune that I just can’t get enough of.

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Meg Mac – “Only Love”

Following “On Your Mind“, Australian songstress Meg Mac did return with “Only Love”. This new release continues the artist’s string of personal songs. Prior these songs, Meg had been on a hiatus that, to her core fans, probably lasted too long. “Only Love” is a mellifluous and soulful that reinforces her belief in love.

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Ricky Rosen – “Home”

Sydney-native singer-songwriter Ricky Rosen has released a breezy, soulful pop track called “Home”. The 23-year-old newcomer worked with Lachlan Bostock as producer (Lachlan is one third of the Mansionair trio). Filled with swaying melodies, “Home” reveals his heartwarming and passionate yearning for a quiet night in with his significant other. Ricky Rosen states: “The idea of the song is that, in reality, love is made up of far more than just passion and infatuation. These seem to constantly disappear and reappear as life naturally moves between the thrilling and the mundane. More often than not, and for most of us especially as we grow older, life becomes more about the mundane than the thrilling.”

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Anni – “Run Into You”

Anni (formerly Annika Grace) is back with a brilliant new track called “Run Into You”. This follows her “Sedona” single. With this song, the Venice Beach-based Californian singer revels in groovy bass lines and thumping drums to present us an upbeat yet emotional pop anthem. She explains, “This song is about those feelings you get when you run into your ex and the idea that maybe deep down – you wanted to run into them, as much as you don’t want to admit it. I’ve caught myself subconsciously wondering sometimes what that person is doing on a night out, if they still go to that same bar – it’s almost like a high and there’s a craving to continue to chase that high long after they are gone. And that high will eventually get old and those butterflies will go away but at least for myself, I miss those butterflies at times, and end up chasing them in places maybe I shouldn’t.”

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Christina Martin – “In Control”

“In Control” is the latest release from Canadian artist Christina Martin. A single taken from her upcoming album titled Storm, it follows the song “Stay With Me”. This new one feels a little darker. “This song is about wanting to return to a feeling of being in control, but only after letting go and experiencing some of the human vices that lead to temporary pleasure. I’m pretty well practiced at living a routine, discipline and healthy life, but I’m still a mess a lot of the time, and turn to my sources for help getting back to the sense of feeling in control,” says Christina. “In Control” was released alongside a retro-styled music video directed by Brendan Henry.

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