Listen to “The Miser” by alt-rock band Excuse Me.

Musicians Adam Kuhrt, Aleks Liskauskas, Dylan Creed, Heyden Jennekens and Jo Seymour make up Excuse Me.. The Canadian alt-rock band are back with a new single they named “The Miser”.

It’s an upbeat track filled with delightful melodies.

Speaking about the new release, the 5-piece outfit said: “‘The Miser’ felt like a chance for us to fully embrace a future direction. We got to take a lot of risks with this song and push the boundaries a bit. The track features our first time using a vocoder, a very unorthodox song structure, and a more stripped back arrangement than we’re used to, but most importantly it feels like it truly captures our identity as a band. We’re really excited to see how this ethos feeds into future projects and we hope you love it as much as we enjoyed making it!

I can’t wait for upcoming releases from Excuse Me.. For now, I’ll be enjoying this one, You can follow Excuse Me. on Instagram.


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