Woodlock have a new song; listen to “Quick Hands”

“Quick Hands” is a sublime indie-folk song by Woodlock. The Australia-based trio is made up by New Zealand brothers Zeck and Eze Walters, who both sing and play guitar, and drummer Bowen Purcell.

With “Quick Hands”, the band created a heartwarming ode to being grateful for life and its adventures.

Eze Walters reveals, “I was in the lounge playing guitar while I could hear my wife in the kitchen singing to James Taylor. I was feeling super grateful for my life and my partner and it spilled into a song idea really quickly, I grabbed my phone and recorded the idea and it stayed in there as I couldn’t figure out how to write verses to finish it. Fast forward 2 years and we have a little boy named Finn and life has taken a wild turn with COVID, I’ve been working in the building industry to provide for my family and was feeling down that there are parts of my son Finn’s life I don’t sometimes get to see being at work or being tired when I got home, I had to do a reset on my mind with how I was thinking about work and how easy it is to focus on things we can miss out on, the chorus I wrote from 2 years before reminded me that life is amazing and it’s just a matter a perspective and reminding myself of things I have to be grateful for.

A video was created to accompany “Quick Hands”.

About it, Zech Walters said: “We were out family camping in Cheshunt (Australia) it’s such a peaceful and beautiful place. We love to film little family videos out there. Eze had the idea to film ‘quick hands’ and for artistic sake, he laid in -3 water and was convulsing by the end of filming. But I think we can all agree that he did a wicked job!

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