Hear “Ancient History” by singer Cat Reynolds

Newcomer Cat Reynolds is gifted with a moving voice and great lyrical ability. The London-based Irish singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer has a new song I’ve really loved listening to.

Named “Ancient History”, it is a delicate piece written at a time when Reynolds was dealing with painful experiences. Still, the song carries an air of hope.

With the live acoustic version posted below being a further exhibition of his vocal prowess, the artist is surely one to watch.

Connect with Cat Reynolds on Instagram.

Ancient History is a song that deals with a culmination of painful experiences and yet contains an underlying sense of hope. listening to the song is a gripping, emotive experience that brings you on an empathetic rollercoaster. the vocal performance on this song ranges from intimate and delicate to powerful and explosive giving it a unique place in the never ending world of genres.

Cat Reynolds is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer hailing from Limerick, Ireland now living in London. His vast musical background and knowledge inspires a unique indie pop sound bringing together elements from a plethora of genres including classic rock, jazz and old soul. His impressive vocal range and versatile style is prevalent in his delicate vocal melodies combined with powerful chorus lines which are all perfectly complimented by layers of his own backing vocals. Acoustic guitar and piano are Reynolds’ first love in his songwriting process; however, he also blends shimmery and floaty synths along with inventive bass lines which are all upheld with driving beats. Growing up, Cat Reynolds spent much of his time listening to, singing and learning songs from his biggest idols including Coldplay, Jamie Cullum, Frank Sinatra and Theo Katzman. He plans to release his first EP this summer.

“Twenty-two-year-old Cathal Reynolds, who goes by Cat has music running through his veins.” – Limerick Leader

June 21 is a modern day love song about modern day relationships. The song is about two people who have met online but never in person, they have decided to meet on the 21st of June for the first time where they can finally hold eachother…..


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