Listen to “We Love Pt. 1” by LA-based artist/producer Caye

Los Angeles-based singer, songwriter and producer Caye is working on his debut album titled We Love. Out now is the first single “We Love Pt. 1”.

On it, the artist did everything by himself, from lyrics and instruments to recording and production.

“We Love Pt. 1” is such a great piece. The song is about self-discovery, the importance of being true to yourself, the role of family in shaping us and the importance of looking inward.

Caye remarks, “We Love was written when there were no shows, no access to live anything. I grew up going to shows, playing shows, and love touring and I needed to feel some of that during the last 2 years without it. I made these songs to escape to a different world when the world around me froze.

The artist is set to release the official and performance videos for “We Love Pt. 1”. Also, the next singles will drop monthly, from July to February.

Follow Caye on Instagram to stay updated.


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