Hear Mokita’s new song, ” Happiness”

“Happiness” is a new song by Nashville musician Mokita.

Characterized by a distorted bass line and an infectiously energetic production, it’s filled with fetching melodies.

Lyrically, “Happiness” is honest and introspective, with the singer-songwriter and instrumentalist delivering his lyrics with total fervour.

‘Happiness’ was born in my buddy and songwriting partner Trent Dabbs’ studio. Most every song me and Trent write together is born from conversations about life, faith, meaning etc,” says Mokita.

He continues: “I had this riff on the acoustic guitar that I was playing around with and then we started tossing around melodies. The song came together relatively quickly but didn’t have any production around it for a few weeks. I wanted to write a song about longing, about the craving we all have for real happiness, real joy. I found myself constantly feeling like I was working towards happiness, and not experiencing it in everyday life. It’s easy to lie to myself and say ‘you’ll be happy when you have this amount of money’ or ‘you’ll be happy when this problem is fixed’ or ‘when you’ve accomplished this goal’. But I don’t want to live like that. I want to be content where I am. I’m so blessed with what I have. With the ability to work my dream job everyday. I want to experience happiness in real time; and that’s what this song is about. There isn’t an anchor in material things. You can’t bank your life on those things; they won’t make you happy.”

Find Mokita on Instagram.


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