See Madisyn Gifford in her video for “21”

Canadian pop newcomer Madisyn Gifford‘s new song “21” is truly infectious. The nostalgia-inducing track was released together with a heartwarming visual.

“21” is a personal song that sees the singer turn moments of angst into an upbeat and danceable tune.

Madisyn shares, “21 has been my lucky number for as long as I can remember and because of that, my entire life I have always placed really high expectations on what my 21st year was going to be like. I wrote this song with Jared Manierka at a time when I was feeling really frustrated because I had not been having a year even close to the 21 that I had always imagined due to COVID and some other life circumstances I was dealing with. This was one of those magical songs where after I wrote it, I was able to look at the issues I was having more clearly and luckily the second half of my 21st year was nothing short of magical.”

An emerging artist, Madisyn Gifford is worth keeping tabs on. Find her on Instagram.


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