Pinky Perzelle opens his account with the single “No Games” feat. Eda Eren

Out now, West London musician Pinky Perzelle‘s debut single “No Games” was created and refined over a period of about four years.

The groovy and rhythm-heavy tune features Turkish singer Eda Eren who weaves in her angelic vocals and harmonies.

“No Games” came as a package, complete with two remixes: one by Velvet Season and The Hearts Of Gold and another by Pinky himself.

The original is soulful, enchanting and heavy on instrumentation.

This debut truly is a labour of love, but also a journey of personal growth and acceptance in many ways. I’m so excited to finally get this release out into the world and hope it resonates with people.

Pinky Perzelle

Listen to all the tracks below.

Follow the artists on Instagram: Pinky Perzelle || Eda Eren


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