Pop music roundup: 8 songs to add to your playlist

Aipate‘s latest pop music roundup includes songs by 8lanco, Zeck and Ryann Barnes, among other artists. Keep your playlist fresh and updated!

Moli – “Crying in the Swimming Pool”

Belgium’s Moli is an artist ready for the global mainstream. That’s the only conclusion I could come with to after listening to her new single, “Crying in the Swimming Pool”. From Moli’s vocals to the effervescent sound, this track is simply magnificent. Lyrically, it’s emotional, with the lyrics describing a breakup. Moli wrote “Crying in the Swimming Pool” with Charlott Boss and Dennis Neuer. The song was produced/mixed by Matias Téllez.

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8lanco – “HEY BAE!”

8lanco is a Norwegian newcomer worth paying attention to. You can start with his newest single, “HEY BAE!”. It’s an upbeat electro pop track with bright melodies and a marvelous production. 8lanco recorded the song while on a trip to Los Angeles. He elaborates, “As soon as I had settled in I went to the studio to cook up. Funny thing about the HEY BAE beat was that the producer had been in LA a couple weeks before me, apparently at the same studio, cause the beat was named after the same address I was at. Meant to be. From there I followed my usual process and just started freestyling melodies over the beat. Pretty quickly the chorus idea popped into my idea, followed by the rest of the melodies. The whole melody-aspect of the song was probably done in about an hour, and all the lyrics were started and finished a couple days later. All finishing touches were done after I came back from the trip.

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Chris Bloom – “GYMFAU”

A Chattanooga, Tennessee native who’s currently based in Los Angeles, Chris Bloom (birth-name Christopher Burkich) has been making amazing music for the past couple of years. His latest offering is called “GYMFAU”. The song is well crafted and superbly produced. “I wrote this song when I was feeling really down, and just sheltered internally. It was a song I needed to write to myself,” Chris explains. I find the song so uplifting.

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Zeck – “she goes”

German artist Zeck has delivered another great record in form of “she goes”. The indie-pop ballad was released together with a lovely music video directed/edited by Lars Zimmermann. “she goes” is mellifluous yet emotive. “Everything starts with a small thought. My heart begins to race unavoidably and it increases to the unimaginable. Panic attacks are my number one nemesis. The constant fear of failure and not living up to hopes, made by yourself. Everyone tells you that this feeling will just walk away and resolve by itself. However, this is often easier said than done. This song embodies the hope of always finding oneself and never giving up the search,” Zeck explains. The artist is currently playing gigs across Germany.

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Ryann Barnes – “Floating Balloon”

17-year-old singer-songwriter Ryann Barnes shared a new single named “Floating Balloon” a few weeks ago. Now, the song has accompanying music video. Generally, “Floating Balloon” is a brooding indie-pop song. “Floating Balloon’ is an intimate song about feeling vulnerable and overlooked, while having to watch from afar like a ‘floating balloon’,” explains Barnes. The song is lyrically evocative. The singer’s delivery is similarly moving.

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Drew Schueler x VAANCE – “Circumstances”

Nashville’s Drew Schueler has returned with a new song called “Circumstances”. A collaboration with dance pop VAANCE, it’s a sizzling electro pop tune. I absolutely love this song. It was written about star-crossed lovers who are separated by circumstances far out of their hands. Drew wrote “Circumstances” together with Nell Maynard.

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Alexa Valentino – “see u in hell”

Alexa Valentino is a 17-year-old pop singer-songwriter. Her latest release is a song named “see you in hell”. Despite its grudge-bearing lyrics, the track sounds fun and upbeat. “‘see u in hell’ is a song about coming to your senses about someone who has hurt more than just you,” says Alexa. “see you in hell” is the first single from her upcoming album.

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Grant Knoche – “FIRST HELLO”

“First Hello” is the newest single from 20-year-old Dallas pop singer Grant Knoche. The track comes packed with arresting synths and melodies. Grant’s clean vocals further point to brilliance in production. The artist wrote “First Hello” with Tayler Buono, produced the track and released it independently.

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