New song finds Floyd Fuji “TONGUE TIED”

Los Angeles musician Floyd Fuji released a new song, “TONGUE TIED”. He accompanied it with a fun-loving music video.

A funky R&B/pop tune, “TONGUE TIED” features invitingly delectable melodies. The highly danceable track is another opportunity for us to marvel as Floyd’s brilliant songwriting and smooth vocal delivery.

Speaking about his inspiration, the artist and producer said: “This song was written during the first Covid lockdown here in LA. I was already fantasizing what it would feel like to finally leave my house. We were stuck inside for so long. I almost forgot how to walk, let alone talk and meet new people. Everyday I’m still trying to poke holes in this bubble I built around myself. Though things in the world are still a bit shaky, I hope this track makes you dance around and momentarily release the worries of the world around you.”

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