Chaz French goes on a “SHROOM TRIP”; listen

Now an independent artist, Washington, D.C.-born rapper Chaz French is working on a new body of work. To that end he’s dropped a couple of singles, with the latest being “SHROOM TRIP”. This song follows “BANG” and “FINALLY FREE”.

The new offering is a melodic and lyrical trap tune. It was produced by Disney Davinci.

Speaking about “SHROOM TRIP”, Chaz said, “I was in the studio one day, and my bro, shout out to Devin, brought me some shrooms, and I did too many, and didn’t even realize I did too many. I was just going with the motions and what came out of it was that song. You can even hear in the beginning of the song I was mumbling and all type of stuff. I was messed up, but it opened my mind to a lot of stuff. When you hear the second verse you can tell I was really in my feelings, I was really talking about stuff that happened in my life since being dropped from Motown and trying to figure life out.”

Listen to the song and follow Chaz French on Instagram.


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