Khamari has been “Drifting”; listen to his new single

Quick-rising R&B artist/producer Khamari‘s newest song “Drifting” came after about a year of silence. On this soulful track, he lets us in on his escapist adventures. It is an ode to the challenges of living in the moment.

Speaking about the single, Khamari shares, “‘Drifting’ is about escapism. I was trying to find a different way to express that headspace I was in. Finding a way away from monotony and overwhelming emotion. Originally we started from the piano and the drums, but I wanted to elevate it. So I chopped the intro to Nina Simone’s ‘Feeling Good’ over the track. To me, the irony in sampling a song about a woman singing about how she’s found euphoria, over a song about my struggle of being locked into a search for it, was a dope way to tell that story.

The artist produced the song with Trackside, Whitenoise and Johan Lenox.

Give “Drifting” a couple of listens and follow Khamari on Instagram.


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