MONOWHALES drop second album, Tunnel Vision

One and a half years after the release of their debut album (Daytona Bleach), Canadian rock band MONOWHALES have delivered their second full-length offering.

This new album is called Tunnel Vision. Like the first one, this LP is seven tracks long.

Focus track “Change###” is hooky and groove laden tune.

Speaking about the song, band drummer Jordan Circosta explains, “We wrote ‘Change###’ at a time when it felt like the world was spinning out of control. I’ve never seen so much division in my life. People were in a lot of pain, and the media was taking advantage of that, pitting people against each other like caged animals. Some of it was valid, some of it wasn’t, and at a certain point it became almost impossible to tell the difference.”

Equally striking is the music video which was directed by Dan Slater, Sally Shaar and Phil Kluba.

Tunnel Vision was produced by Dave Schiffman. The album offers a riveting listening experience. Stream it on Spotify and follow MONOWHALES on Instagram.


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