Noraa shares video for her yearnful song, “Sweet Summer Dreams”

Being a Cologne-born, Berlin-based German-Chadean singer who kickstarted her career while living in Paris, Noraa obviously benefits from the various cultural influences she’s so far absorbed. But what makes the uber-talented neo-soul artist stand out is her powerful voice.

She flaunts this on her latest single, “Sweet Summer Dreams”. On the track, she expresses her yearning for warmer times.

I wrote ‘Sweet Summer Dreams’ in the middle of Berlin winter – I was at a difficult stage in my relationship, and it was always freezing cold. I don’t cope very well with winter in general, so I projected everything I was longing for at that moment into it. Warmth, peace of mind and being happily in love. It became almost like a mantra to me,” Noraa divulges.

Connect with Noraa on Instagram while you enjoy the “Sweet Summer Dreams” vibe.


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