Claudia Kelley drops new song, “bad vibes”

Sweden’s Claudia Kelley is a newcomer to watch. The songwriter released a song called “bad vibes” about a fortnight ago.

“bad vibes” is an R&B-inflected pop/dance track packed with sweet melodies and moody lyrics. Claudia’s vocal prowess is on showcase as she shares the first in a series of upcoming releases.

Kelley says, “As a songwriter you write a lot of songs for pitch, in other words, for other people, labels. A lot of the time they get stuck with the label saying: ‘we love this, the artist wants it’. One year goes by, you ask if they still want it, they say ‘yes we love it don’t give it to anyone else’ and theeen one more year goes by and so on. So I decided to release all the songs that are stuck in limbo under my project called: songs that nobody wants.

She wrote “bad vibes” with Daniel Murberg and producer Jonas Peker.

Enjoy the song and follow Claudia Kelley on Instagram.


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