Pop music roundup: you’ve got to listen to these 8 songs

Harry Stone – “Boy”

London-based artist and producer Harry Stone recently released a new double-A-side, “Boy / Tokyo”. The tracks showcase new sides of the musician’s sound and storytelling. We’re highlighting “Boy”, a poignant piano ballad. As Harry explains, the song is “an imaginary conversation I wanted to have with my younger self; kind of like advice that was ironically too late to give. Before coming into the studio I’d been told about something that was really upsetting, and basically just put me in a ‘all men are dickheads’ kind of mood. ‘Boy’ is a reminder of how I used to see the world, but also a good message, that I’ve grown so much since then, into somebody I respect.”

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NEVE – “Outside Voices”

Released independently, “Outside Voices” is the newest single from pop newcomer NEVE. The artist hails from Ireland and this is her fourth single. “Outside Voices” carries fresh pop melodies and I bet you will find the chorus additive. NEVE wrote this song as an anthem for anyone who has had to keep a love affair secret. It’s such a lovely tune.

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Dillon – “Separate Us”

UK artist Dillon‘s new single is a truly magnificent piece called “Separate Us”. Arranged and produced by Alexis Troy, the song was paired with a cinematic video directed by Valentin Hansen. “Separate Us” feels bold and combative. “Meet us at the forefront, instead of run, we gon’ confront,” Dillon sings. This track is the third single from Dillon’s upcoming album, 6abotage.

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Santos Silva – “Rewind”

Emerging US artist Santos Silva recently dropped a single called “Rewind”. It’s an electronic pop track with R&B-inflected vocals. A moving breakup song, “Rewind” has the effect of getting the listener sentimental. The track’s production allows the singer to flex his powerful vocals.

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Emei – “Regrets”

In just a short period of time, Emei has been able to take her music brand mainstream. The Chinese-American alt-pop singer-songwriter has released hit singles such as “Late To The Party” and “Trust Issues”. Her latest is called “Regrets”. This song carries Emei’s signature pop/rock influences. As Emei says, the song “was inspired by one of my night time journal entries consisting of a brain dump of every single stupid regret I’ve had. It starts with a light-hearted sarcastic list and it devolves into all the things that I shouldn’t have done and the things I wish I could change. Though at first a slow ballad, it eventually hits a peak paralleling my frustration with myself. This single is the last single leading up to my debut EP and a glimpse into my hectic, existential, late-night brain.”

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JO1 – “SuperCali”

Japanese boy group JO1 have unveiled the visual for their new song, “SuperCali”. The song was released towards the end of September. “SuperCali” embodies JO1’s music style and vibe. It is full of energy and captivating synths. The music video video is equally engrossing.

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iamnotshane – “What Doesn’t Kill You Mutates and Tries Again”

On October 5, Los Angeles artist iamnotshane delivered a moody alt-pop number called “What Doesn’t Kill You Mutates and Tries Again”. The song is heartfelt and lyrically tongue-in-cheek. I like the artist’s delivery and the awesome production. About this song, iamnotshane said, “‘What Doesn’t Kill You Mutates and Tries Again’ is about acknowledging bleak situations so it doesn’t get the best of you. I wrote it to help me stop worrying about what I can’t control and find some peace in the madness. Deciding to dance and have faith it will all work out for the best even if it’s not what I had hoped“.

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Kyle Lucas – “Don’t Fall Asleep”

Kyle Lucas is an American singer-songwriter hailing from Boston. The artist debuted back in July with the single “Don’t Fall Asleep” and has since followed it with “Pods and Peas”. Both songs exhibit his folk-pop style. It’s also evident that Kyle is vocally gifted. He is currently releasing music independently.

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