Sachee unveil their first single, “Django/Brando”

Image by Tony Geitani

It’s always an exciting moment when introducing a new band. This time, the spotlight shines on Sachee, a 9-member hip hop supergroup from Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Their debut single is called “Django/Brando”. It’s an energetic and intoxicatingly vibey R&B/soul tune dives into the setbacks that artists are too familiar with.

Lead singer Kody explains, “‘Django Brando’ is about being uncompromising in the manifestation of one’s vision, as both an artist and a person! Who, in popular culture, represents unflinching self determination better than Jamie Foxx’s Django or Marlon Brando’s Don Corleone? Instead of taking creative orders from corporate powerhouses, Sachee simply executes, and leaves the industry asking: ‘WHAT’S NEXT?’

Sachee is made up by Hudson Knott (bass), Hessel du Mark (rapper), Kody Chambers (vocals), Helena Casella (vocals), Talullah Molenson (vocals, saxophone), Noah “Nilly” Hilhurst (guitar), Ronny DeCarlo (guitar), and Julian Bohn (keys). Find them on Instagram.


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