Listen to “Tired Work” by Tedious & Brief

Tedious & Brief is the moniker used by Chicago-native singer and songwriter Jamie Jacobsen. The 24 year-old’s music is influenced by her upbringing and immediate environment and this is well encapsulated in her latest single.

The alt-pop track is called “Tired Work” and it’s production is as hard-hitting as the artist’s lyrics.

Jamie reveals, “Recently I had a really bad boss that abused his position of authority and threatened me when I tried to quit. That was followed up by another boss who made it a habit of bullying the people under their authority in the office. Such horrible work environments—and I know I’m not even remotely alone in those experiences.”

She adds: “‘Tired Work’ is a proverbial middle finger to those people and anyone in a position of authority like them who use their power to abuse, threaten and belittle the people they’ve deemed below them.

Listen to the song and keep ip with the artist on Instagram.


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