Merlot Embargo are “Sticking Around”; hear their latest song

Indie-pop duo Merlot Embargo recently initiated the process leading to their upcoming second album. Its first single is called “Sticking Around”. e

A sentimental piece, “Sticking Around” brims with heartwarming melodies. Singer Scarlett gets to move the listener with her emotional lyrics and delivery.

She remarks, “This song began as a prompt at a weekly songwriters zoom workshop here in LA during the pandemic. Though the prompt ‘stuck’ could mean so many things, to me, it reminded me of one of the things I was always most afraid of: being in a relationship that was miserable. And living through the pandemic just proved to me how fortunate I felt to have found someone that I could live through such an insane time with, seeing as we were stuck in such close quarters together. It made me one thousand more times aware of how awful it would be to have committed yourself to someone that made you feel less than enough on a daily basis and exploring that idea was the inspiration for this song.”

Merlot Embargo is made up by Scarlet and Geoff, who are also a couple. Connect with them on Facebook or Instagram.


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