Here is the newest song from Annabel Gutherz; listen to “Interstellar

Montreal-based singer and songwriter Annabel Gutherz has a new track called “Interstellar.” It arrived in the heels of the artist’s “Retrograde” single and offers another taste what to expect from her upcoming concept EP.

“Interstellar” was produced by Dominique Messier. The song is about love and loss.

Annabel explains, “In a relationship, many times you can feel like a star in your partner’s universe — special, seen, and cherished. In the case that the relationship ends, you fall from their constellation, alone again and lost amongst a sky of wandering stars. ‘Interstellar’ is a song about just that and struggling with the tug-of-war dynamic between emotional dualities in the reverberations of a breakup. I wanted to honor the full scope of emotions and thus leaned into a very theatrical production. If this song resonates with you, I hope you know that you’ll find your way to the right orbit, where you won’t just be someone’s star, but their whole world!

You can connect with Annabel Gutherz on Instagram.


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