Emi Secrest reckons that “Diamonds are Pressure”; listen to her new song “DAP”

A Memphis-native currently residing in Los Angeles, Emi Secrest is a true vocal powerhouse. The soul singer-songwriter has, over the years, provided backup vocals for various big-name acts.

Of course, she delivers her own projects too. Her latest song “DAP” serves as the lead single from her upcoming project. “DAP” or ‘diamonds are pressure” is a song about resoluteness.

Emi explains, “‘Diamonds are Pressure’ is a reminder that in tough times, the pressure and heat of life, love, friendships, business deals, they sometimes made me feel like I just couldn’t handle it. But just when I thought I was being broken, I was actually being stripped of ALL of that and being transformed into a beautiful Diamond. All of that anxiety, disappointment, fear, hurt, betrayal – It made me into the diamond I am today. I regret nothing, I’m grateful for everything.”

The track got placed on the Hulu’s The D’Amelio Show. Listen to it and follow Emi Secrest on Instagram.


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