Hear Katie Gregson-MacLeod’s songs written for piano EP

Breakout singer-songwriter Katie Gregson-MacLeod has shared her a EP, songs written for piano. The Scottish artist packed five gorgeous tracks into the project.

“white lies”, one of the songs on the EP, is a heartfelt and emotional ballad. It was paired with an equally heart-gripping video.

About the song, Katie says, “I wanted to talk about the feeling of growing apart from someone you’d not long ago yearned for. This is the most recent song on the EP and at the time of writing, I’d been experiencing so many changes to my own life and was the busiest I’d ever been. In that process I guess I was feeling detached from my feelings for this person. So when I went in to write with Matt Maltese, the main question that arose was around whether that feeling was a natural result of slowly growing apart or if I had just been really successful at distracting myself.

Watch the video, stream the whole EP on Spotify and follow Katie Gregson-MacLeod on Instagram.


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