Theo Sawyer reveals “Download A Ghost” single & visual

Theo Sawyer is a singer-songwriter and producer from Auckland, New Zealand. The talented up-and-comer has just shared “Download A Ghost”. Only his third single, this song is a deeply inspired and haunting pop-rock ballad about the choices we make.

Sawyer elaborates, “‘Download A Ghost’ is a song both reflective and observational. Of myself and another. The feeling of an easy cheap thrill. How we can ‘download ghosts’. Distractions. Another quick and easy dopamine hit because it feels better than looking inward. When we feel ready but are not. The things people do when hurting. The people we hurt. The apologies we wish we could make. The words we never got to say.”

He filmed an intimate video to accompany “Download A Ghost”.

Use this Instagram link to connect with Theo Sawyer.


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