The Collection present “Rose Colored Glasses” video

American band The Collection are always supplying fresh indie-pop vibes with their releases. The North Carolina-based outfit’s latest offering is “Rose Colored Glasses.”

This anthem arrives as the third single from their upcoming EP, How to Survive an Ending (due January 27). It has been accompanied by an exuberant music video which you can see above.

“Rose Colored Glasses” celebrates the positives of a relationship after it ends. It’s about looking back on the good times instead of focusing on the bad.

It’s so easy in a breakup to only remember the bad things about the other person. I wrote ‘Rose Colored Glasses’ because I didn’t want to forget the love, and the reasons that that love existed in the first place. It’s a song about the choice to remember the best in someone I’ve loved even after that relationship ended,” lead singer David Wimbish explains.

Enjoy the song and keep up with The Collection on Instagram.


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