Celina Wolfe reveals “Coming Right Back” video and new EP

Employing her powerful voice, Canadian singer-songwriter Celina Wolfe created the ballad “Coming Right Back”. The piano-driven piece is full of emotions and vulnerability.

The lead single on her eponymous new EP, CELINA, this song reveals details of her personal life.

The lyric ‘here I am, nothing in hand, so I beg, please let me go’ from the chorus of ‘Coming Right Back’ hits really deep for me,” explains Celina. “Most people think this song is about a break up but really it’s about overcoming my battle with addiction and alcoholism. I will never forget the feeling of being brought to my knees, with absolutely no fight left in me, begging to whatever was out there to relieve me of the insanity. I can barely sing that line without choking up.

Listen to the song and stream the whole EP on Spotify.

You can find Celina Wolfe on Instagram.


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