Pop music roundup: 8 new songs to listen to right now

dee holt – “Better”

dee holt a fast-rising artist hailing from Montreal. The young Canadian singer recently released a new single, “Better”. She paired this song with a sleek visual. “Better” is a delightful alt-pop banger. “This unconscious cycle of self-sabotage is what ‘Better’ is all about,” dee reveals, continuing: “It’s about always expecting the worst in others as well as yourself. It’s about getting into relationships and expecting it all to fall apart before it’s even begun. It’s about thinking that you’re ‘better left behind’.”

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Kid Travis – “My Favorite Song”

With Valentines around the corner, here’s a new song to add to your playlist. “My Favorite Song” by Kid Travis is really perfectly titled. The catchy tune comes packed with addictive melodies and sweet lyrics. Kid Travis has started 2023 on a high, releasing some great tunes already. But then again, the artist/producer is always cooking something to serve to his fans.

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Natalie Clark – “How High”

Scottish singer-songwriter Natalie Clark has a new single, “How High”. The buoyant pop track carries beautiful melodies and an invigorating groove. “How High” is so empowering, thanks to Natalie’s uplifting lyrics and passionate delivery. Still, it feels fresh and dance-able. The track is the singer’s first release in a while.

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ROSIE – “Startover”

New York singer ROSIE has dropped a new song which she paired with a beautiful video. Called “Startover”, it is a heartfelt and emotional pop anthem. “‘Startover’ is about my relationship with myself and my mental health. When writing it, I was in a period of my life where I felt like I was in a constant fight with myself. This song is me realizing that I needed to let go of certain parts of who I was that were no longer serving me and start rebuilding myself from the ground up,” ROSIE shares. “Startover” is much more uptempo as compared to her earlier, melancholic songs. It’s the first single from her planned second EP.

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Bella Dose – “Mírame”

Miami-based girl group Bella Dose have dropped a new track, “Mírame”. A candidate for the dancefloor, the track is infectiously energetic. “Mírame” infuses Latin-pop elements to create a dance-pop banger. It was released together with an engrossing video. Formed in 2017, Bella Rose consists of Brianna Leah, Jenni Hernandez, Melany Rivera and Thais Rodriguez.

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Rowan Drake – “Elephant In The Room”

“Elephant In The Room” is the newest offering from pop newcomer Rowan Drake. It’s a song that comes from a place of self-reflection.“‘Elephant In The Room’ represents the neglect I showed to my partner in my relationship,” Drake says. “It’s the feeling of holding on so tightly to something you care about that it suffocates. Turning your blinders on to everything that has been lost in hopes it will just disappear. The elephant in the room is the fact that we’d reached our expiration date but I wasn’t willing to admit that in my case.” Rowan released the song on Atlantic Records/Arthouse Records. Watch the accompanying visual.

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Ponette x Coucheron – “Beats Me Up”

Norwegian artists Ponette (singer) and Coucheron (producer) linked up for a collaboration and created “Beats Me Up”. The electro pop track is characterized by distorted synths, reverb and lovely vocals. You will particularly be captivated by the hooky chorus which brims with melodies and harmonies. About this song, Ponette said: “Beats Me Up (ft. Coucheron) was created during a massive wave of feelings. Totally overwhelming. I just had to find a way to communicate all of the raw emotions that had been building up in my body for a while, and I want the song to feel like that when you listen to it as well. I hope people can relate, and that I’m not totally crazy.”

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Madishu – “Naive”

With great songwriting and robust production, “Naive” is such a brilliant tune. The track was released by Austrian pop artist Madishu last Friday. It sounds crisp and refreshing. Lyrically, “Naive” finds Madishu in a begrudging mood. “The song is about a toxic friendship I broke free from, and the journey I took in learning to value myself enough to no longer tolerate people who constantly take from me without giving back.”

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