Hear Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad’s new song “Revolution”

US-based reggae band Giant Panda Guerilla Dub Squad returned a few days ago with the single “Revolution”. The outfit’s new album Love In Time is clearly taking shape, with this new song following in the heels of “Chants” (featuring Jamaican legend Clinton Fearon).

With “Revolution”, the band worked with Josh Swain (of The Movement) on vocals. The track was co-produced with Alborosie.

Commenting on this great collaborative spirit, Band bassist James Searl noted: “‘Revolution’ was originally a late-night studio jam that we sent to Alborosie to see what he could cook up. ‘You want me to add the spicy sauce, yeah?’ he said. With that, he took the drums and vocals and crafted an absolute bomb of a musical collaboration, with horns from Milan and bass lines from Jamaica. We knew that this was the tune that we wanted our east-coast-grinding homie of nearly twenty years, Josh Swain, of the Movement, to spit hot fire on. Josh came with his southern sticky Goodie-Mob-a-licious rapid fire delivery to bring the song up to 1,000%. Exactly the kind of collaborative style we were going for as we dove deep into creating Love In Time.

This is, in deed, an enjoyable tune.

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