Tash Blake shares second single, “So Bad Together”

The second ever release from Los Angeles-based newcomer Tash Blake is a reverb-drenched dynamic electro-pop track called “So Bad Together”. It follows her well received debut single, “Mannequin”.

This new song is just as energetic as it is powerful. Lyrically, Tash delves into Hollywood’s portrayal of romance.

In her own words, she says: “‘So Bad Together’ describes that fantasy relationship between two magnetic personalities who are consumed with each other, passionate for each other and yet through that intense, gripping love, may or may not be great for each other. These are the relationships that Hollywood idealizes and the media hypes and the paparazzi photographs. I idolized it all… who doesn’t want that all consuming, stunning Hollywood romance? Hollywood makes those relationships seem so enticing, sexy, and intoxicating and while one part of me is aware that most of that is usually a facade, I can’t deny that it still intrigues me.

The depth of the lyrics aside, you will dance along to this song, I swear.

Find Tash Blake on Instagram.


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