King IV embraces her “Freaky” side on new track

Australian artist King IV has a new single: “Freaky”.

The electro pop track follows her late 2022 single, “See You Later” and serves as the second taste of her planned debut album.

Filled with wild energy, “Freaky” sounds catchy and danceable. It was co-produced by the artist and Thomas Danigo.

About this song, King IV says, “‘Freaky embraces our innermost, last, and incomparable uniqueness. Your true nature is primal, instinctive and motivated by the dark grounds of the unconscious. You are at heart, at essence, wholly unusual. You are by nature a type of freak. To recognise this sacred character of your true nature, you need to abandon, or more properly reject, the grey and normative world. You need to be the insane core, the insane heart, at the center of the universe. I claim, if you are able to fully embrace your inner and insensible freak, the world will start to make sense.

As you enjoy “Freaky”, connect with King IV on Instagram.


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