Bronze Whale join forces with Primo The Alien and unveil “Happy Go Lover”

US music duo Bronze Whale unveiled their newest single “Happy Go Lover” two weeks ago. The cheerful dance-pop song features Austin-based Primo The Alien on vocals.

“Happy Go Lover” is a really magnificent electro pop tune. From the beautiful vocals to the glossy production, it brims with amazing melodies.

We met Primo in Austin, Texas right before the pandemic and fell in love with her energy and style. She’s such a character with a deep and powerful vocal range, and a flair for the 80s that we knew would push us in new directions. We wrote a demo, which she rewrote(lol), which led to a vocal that set this song in motion. The end result is somewhere perfectly nestled between our styles, and no one seems able to stop singing,” reads a message from Bronze Whale.

Enjoy listening to “Happy Go Lover” and follow Bronze Whale and Primo The Alien on Instagram.


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