Martin Luke Brown releases uplifting anthem, “**it gets better”

The planned debut album from emerging pop singer Martin Luke Brown is taking shape. It is titled damn, look at the view! and will be released on 19th May.

The latest single taken from it is “**it gets better”. With this song, the artist seeks to uplift those going through a rough patch.

Commenting this new song, Martin says: “The whole album is a big explore into mental health and general sort of coming of age, angst, nostalgia, all of it. I guess ‘**it gets better’ is the simplest in its meaning – I almost imagined my Mum singing it to me. It’s such a hilarious over simplification of mental health, almost like saying ‘don’t worry about it, it’ll blow over’. It’s ironic really, cos I’m not really entirely sure I believe that it does get better for everyone, but it’s nice for people to just feel good and have a boogie. I wanted to have a song on the record that just felt good and hopeful, as if you’ve arrived home after a long time away”.

We always need to stay positive and this song urges us to do just that.

See Martin Luke Brown performing the song live below + connect with him on Instagram.


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