Marlena Dae reveals “No Place To Hide” and, with it, a lovely visual

For her latest single “No Place To Hide”, New York-born Berlin-based musician Marlena Dae weaved a dark, absorbing story of a mysterious girl who puts herself in perilous situations just to escape her reality.

The song is wrapped in an equally mesmeric soundscape. You will hear a dominant bassline and toned-down percussion which, together, suit Marlena’s fetching delivery.

The singer and visual artist comments: “I feel I can relate to this longing for freedom in ‘No Place To Hide.’ Trying to escape one’s reality was definitely a topic for me at the time during quarantine. I feel for this main character who is aware of the dangers that lurk around her, yet she is determined to get to where she needs to be.

This offering serves as the lead single from her upcoming debut EP, A Delicate Storm. It was paired with an engrossing video which you can see above.

Connect with Marlena Dae on Instagram.

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