Welshly Arms release new LP titled Wasted Words & Bad Decisions

Starting with the uplifting focus-track “World Is Watching”, the new album by American pop/rock band Welshly Arms is totally engrossing.

The LP is titled Wasted Words & Bad Decisions and carries 14 beautiful songs. With this project, Welshly Arms (who are based in Celeveland) re-captured their earlier influences.

The band says, “Musically we wanted to use this record to bring us back to the raw rock n roll that we had built the band on in the beginning when we were jamming in the basement. At the same time, we’ve matured and gelled as musicians over our years of touring the world together, and I think that intersection is what made this record so fun and rewarding to make!

The album was preceded by singles like “Proud” which Aipate wrote about last year. Stream all the other tracks on Spotify.

You can also well check out Welshly Arms on Instagram.


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