LUCA releases the music video for “Wrong”

LUCA — a soulful newcomer hailing from Harlem, New York — has revealed the music video for his sublime new single, “Wrong”. The alt-R&B ballad is drenched in nostalgia. Its accompanying visual is cinematic and totally engrossing.

“Wrong” is the first single taken from LUCA’s upcoming debut EP. The artist had already captured listeners’ hearts with his debut, “Serotonin”, and the follow-up, “Altar”.

Asked about “Wrong”, LUCA noted: “The song represents the inevitable feeling of emptiness when a relationship ends and the desperate need to return to the spectre of that lost love, even when you both know that time is past. There is an ever-present hole that is left behind after someone who was an integral piece to your life is no longer a part of it; the space it occupies – mentally, physically, and emotionally. What goes up must come down in a relationship and ‘Wrong’ represents that come down to earth moment – the catharsis of that emotional freefall.

Watch the video and follow LUCA on Instagram.

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