Amelie Patterson helps us fight “The War”; hear the artist’s new song

Hailing from Western Canada, Amelie Patterson is a singer-songwriting with a proclivity for weaving profound pieces. With her latest named “The War”, she created a powerful folk/pop song.

Out via Neon Moon Records, “The War” is a song about recognizing the invisible struggles that others are going through and supporting them through it

Amelie elaborates, “‘The War’ was written as one side of an incredibly difficult conversation to have. It’s a plea, asking a loved one to stay and fight through the darkness. It’s a very helpless situation watching someone suffer when all you can offer is your love and support. No one has to battle against mental illness alone, but taking the steps to address it has to come from within; and that can be its own war for both parties. Over the years of performing this song so many people have shared beautiful and heartbreaking stories with me, and my only wish for this song is that it continues to connect with people and their own experiences. I wrote this song for anyone who needs it and for anyone who has ever had to ask a loved one to ‘fight the war’.

The artist wil be releasing a music video for this song soon. Follow her on Instagram for updates.

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