Pop music roundup: 7 songs to squeeze into your playlist

The newest Aipate pop music roundups is here: seven songs selected from a pool of fresh pop releases. Your playlists need constant updates with great songs and these 7 sure fit the bill.

Pablo Brooks – “Overexposed”

Starting the roundup is “Overexposed”, a song by Pablo Brooks. The exciting newcomer hails from Düsseldorf, Germany. “Overexposed” showcases his vocal range and lyrical prowess. It is a mellow and catchy pop song about a young adult trying to wade through love, friendships and relationship with himself. It is taken from the 20-year old artist’s upcoming second EP, Pleaser.

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Kid Travis x Just Shad – “Same Location”

“Same Location” is the song that preceded the new album from Philadelphia artist/producer Kid Travis. The R&B/pop banger features Just Shad. It carries Travis’ signature melodies and delivery. Just Shad complements him with croonsome vocals of his own. “Same Location” is catchy and bouncy but still vulnerable. The new album by Travis is called Crimson Heartbreak and you can stream it on Spotify here.

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Rita Ora x Fatboy Slim – “Praising You”

Pop superstar Rita Ora did follow her “You Only Love Me” single with another impressive one. That new track is called “Praising You” and features Fatboy Slim. Like the previous song, it was paired with an amazing video as well. “Praising You” was meticulously produced. The single was accompanied the announcement of Rita’s much awaited third album, You & I (due 14th July via BMG).

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Thomas Day – “MASOCHIST”

The latest release from Nashville pop artist Thomas Day is a single called “MASOCHIST”. With its soaring chorus, this song is totally electrifying. From writing to delivery and production, the work on this track is excellent. “‘MASOCHIST’ is about a girl who I met and fell head over heels in love with, so fast and so hard that I didn’t care how badly I could get hurt. I wrote this song with my two friends Steve Rusch and Quinn Lewis. We were talking about the subtle complexities in relationships, and this song poured out. It’s about not being afraid to be hurt. Actually, it’s about wanting to be hurt,” says Thomas. The Logan Meis-directed music video succeeds in fully capturing the pain in the artist’s lyrics.

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Eiza Murphy – “Conman”

Los Angeles-based Irish singer-songwriter Eiza Murphy has a new song which she called “Conman”. The vulnerable electro pop song was written by Eiza and produced by her sister Lenii. “Conman” is about being deceived by someone who then becomes emotionally unavailable. Not a stranger to such emotionally gripping compositions, Eiza delivers the song with her heart of her sleeves. “Conman” was released independently.

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Etham – “I Won’t”

Reading-based British singer-songwriter Etham released a new piano ballad the other day. Named “I Won’t”, it’s a delicate and goosebump-inducing piece. The song describes a bond between two people who are committed to one another through loyalty and sacrifice. Released via Nettwerk Records, it was paired with a video that captures Etham performing the song on a piano.

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Sadye – “Biblical”

Sadye introduced herself last week with her debut single, “Biblical”. The alt-pop track was released via vnclm_ / Atlantic Records. “Biblical” is catchy yet dark, showing Sadye’s refreshing take on the alt-pop genre. Lyrically, it was inspired by her intense struggle with cancer, discovering self-worth and experience with toxic relationships. She explains that the song is about, “going back to someone you know is bad for you over and over again. Like, yes, I’m caught in this person’s web, but maybe I know exactly what I’m doing.

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