Vicetone and Ben Samama share “Dopamine Junkie”; listen & dance to it

US-based Dutch electronic duo Vicetone are set to release a new EP in the summer.

Out now on Departed Records is a new song that gives a taste of what to come in the EP. It’s called “Dopamine Junkie” and was created in collaboration with Los Angeles-based producer/songwriter Ben Samama.

“Dopamine Junkie” is a catchy and breezy dance-pop anthem: an ode to losing oneself to the music.

This record is all about that rush or dopamine that overcomes you when the drop hits just right. Our goal was to have the melodies constantly entrancing you all throughout the song. We love the combination of the bassline, guitars, piano, and vocals to make a very groovy yet still Vicetone-sounding dance record


As you enjoy/dance to the son, ensure you connect with Vicetone and Ben Samama on Instagram.

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