Bishop Briggs reveals “Baggage” in new video

London-born multi-platinum singer-songwriter Bishop Briggs released a new single called “Baggage” last week. This dark-pop song is lifted from When Everything Went Dark, an upcoming EP set to unveiled by the artist on 23rd June.

“Baggage” is confessional and candid.

In her own words, Briggs says, “I am not perfect. In fact, I’m quite messy. I could say life is messy, which it is, but part of becoming an adult has been acknowledging the messiness that I have too. ‘Baggage’ is the first song where I stand in the mud and triumphantly stomp my feet in it. I can only hope that others feel empowered to own their version of messy and know that they aren’t alone in it. I have found that when I unabashedly show my imperfections and my wounds I am growing. So, there you have it, that’s my baggage.

The music video accompanying this track was Anastasia Duchess and Kristen Brancaccio. It looks marvelous.

Watch the video and keep up with Bishop Briggs on Instagram.

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