Dublin singer KEHLI is all “All Outta Love”

Not every breakup must be followed by hours of brooding and wishing things worked out. For Irish pop artist KEHLI, she turned her frustrations into a scathing song that almost revels in kicking someone of her life. She named this record “All Outta Love”.

The 21-year-old Dublin native who already got us hooked with songs like “Hypnotized” is finally ready to release her debut EP called PITY PARTY. “All Outta Love” coincided with the official announcement of the EP and follows the singles “Lose U Now” and “Dead Body”.

Writing ‘All Outta Love’ made me finally realise my worth in a lot of ways,” KEHLI says of the new song. “Feeling like you have no more love to give when all you have given is your all is so draining especially for the wrong person!! Walking away from someone that you know is bad for you and are certain as you can be about the situation, can still be so hard. I couldn’t understand for a really long time why I was letting myself go through what I did when I knew I deserved better so I hope people can feel that through the song when they listen to it.

KEHLI is a great artist worth even more attention. Check her out on Instagram.


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