Pop singer Maty Noyes finally reveals “Lighter Thief” video

Maty Noyes‘ amazing voice has fueled her steady rise. And she is not showing signs of stopping. The Mississippi-bred Los Angeles implant released her full-length debut, The Feeling’s Mutual, in 2021.

And, now, her sophomore album is already in the works. That upcoming project is titled Rainbow Syndrome. Its first single, “Lighter Thief”, was released a week or so ago.

Today, the artist has unveiled the music video.

“Lighter Thief” is an acoustic indie-pop piece with a folksy feel.

Maty said this about it: “This song is about loving the anti-hero. He’s the bad boy in the movie that gives you just enough hope that he could turn good that you want him to win (over the classic good guy). It feels like home – sometimes you run away but you always come back to it. It’s that feeling when the future is so uncertain and nothing is safe or guaranteed but you accept it because it makes you feel alive. You do what you can to bring light and happiness, but that’s not always the way love goes. It is about when you look back in shock that you were able to deal or put up with certain things from an ex or ever really date them at all. It’s not about missing this person, it’s about the opposite of missing them. Being so glad and celebrating them being out of your life now, and it’s a self-reflective moment of yourself to look back and see how you’ve grown with what you’re willing to put up with or what you deserve. It’s a hate song for the exes. It’s a song for the ones who got away and were so good with that.

The singer’s ability to convey complex emotions is well brought out on this song. Listen/watch “Lighter Thief” and keep up with Maty Noyes on Instagram.


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