Khaligraph Jones Versus Octopizzo: This Kenyan Hip Hop Battle Has Gone Athletics (and philosophical!)

By Phillip Nyalenda

After Khaligraph Jones released “Julius Yego” tribute song, and considering that there is no love lost between him and Octopizzo, its now evident that the battle has gone philosophical. The Namba Nane star, who released quite a successful album recently, is officially Team Tergat. Why Tergat and why Yego? Apart from the obvious reason that invoking the names of such national heroes makes one more relevant, there is also, definitely, a philosophical connotation that the two lyrical combatants are trying to express and carry over to their musical journey.

Paul Tergat was a Kenyan former professional marathoner and is regarded as one of the most accomplished long-distance runners of all time while Julius Yego is a current Kenyan sensation who is a world-beater in matters javelin. His story- that of learning the sport through online videos- is greatly inspiring.

octo vs khaligraph

Octopizzo has always said that, just like Tergat, he considers his journey like a marathon, going the long distance and that relates to his music history and with this philosophy, his fans believe that he has set long term goals with his music that he will definitely achieve. He even named the album, Long Distance Paper Chaser (ldpc). Khaligraph Jones,however, has obviously taken the story behind the javelin world winner as that of a resilient rapper who has his sight to getting that money. He goes hard! And that is representative of his music, which is slightly more hardcore.

So with the focus and experience of a Tergat compared with the energy and resilience in a Yego, its worth waiting to see the rather promising future of these two artists, their differences aside. There is quite a positive growth in the Kenyan Hip Hop scene.

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