Emma Jalamo and John Junior both taking Luo music higher.

Emma Jalamo, even before he dropped his much acclaimed Sherry album, was already a darling of many, considering his new unique style. His is a fusion of Rhumba and Ohangla and brings a feel that resonates with urban youth and the village fork alike. Simba JaUriri was the one that earned him attention from Luo music lovers.Then he served us with this great album, which contains, among others, Wivu Mbaya and Sherry. 


John Junior, on his part, has seen immense growth and he did capitalize on the absence of the late Musa Juma, to whom he already worked with. He also came up with a unique style, and did not necessarily copy that of Musa. His rhumba is now popular even with those who do not speak Luo.

adundo john junior

In conversations, most fans have attempted to compare the two to find the best but I think its not that necessary since they are doing different genres. We wait to see the legacy they will leave behind, though that’s a little a premature topic, given they are both relatively young.

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