Does The Language An Artist Uses Really Matter?


Last Saturday I had Kaa La Moto, a Kenyan rapper based in the coastal region on Hip Hop Culture (airs Saturdays 7-9 p.m. on Homeboyz Radio with DJ Finalkut and myself BTW). Kaa La Moto mainly uses Swahili in his raps though he says that he could easily rap in English he just chooses not to. So I asked him if he thinks “English rappers” box themselves. His answer was yes because as an artist, you’re trying to use the language that will reach as many people as you possibly can. I agree with that, to some point.

First things first, I need to say that I understand your “regular guy next door” wants to feel like they relate to what you’re talking about as an artist and it’s like you’re telling their story. That I fully get but I got a couple points I need to raise.

We’re sometimes…

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