Introducing Afreeka, the Italy-based Kenyan Reggae duo



Kenyan Italy-based Reggae music duo Afreeka, have performed together since 1999. Though originally they went by the name Big Matata, they chose the name AFREEKA in 2007 after a series of performances on a tour in Italy. Afreeka is greatly influenced by Jamaican artists and also great African musicians. Afreeka opened for and raised consciousness during performances with General Levy,Mykal Roseand Gentleman,Festa te le Mieru (Carpigano salentino) and Festa di Birra (Torcito Grounds). This led to their two songs ‘More love’ and ‘Back to Africa’ being included on ‘Piu amore’ CD compilation in 2008 and ‘voce della Drago’ in 2009. In June 2010, Afreeka released their album Summer Jamming which consisted of 10 songs:

Summer Jamming Tracklist

1. Summer Jamming

2. African children

3. Toscanini

4. Yaweh

5. Lala salama

6. What we are

7. Dinga ling

8. Sweet love

9. Jah Jah

10. Yaweh

In 2011, Afreeka’s track ‘Sista Love’ appeared on a mixed CD, Intl. Women of Reggae CD 3, and tracks released worldwide.

Their songs have received airplay on major radio stations including radio Potenza, Contoradio and Pound Radio.

On the 22nd Oct 2011, Afreeka performed in Firenze, Italy at ‘Music Dei Popoli Afro contest‘, a festival for foreign artists living in Italy and is organised to showcase their talents. They also performed in a concert in Frankfurt(Germany) in celebration of Kenya’s independence day.

Other single releases:

1.Here I am baby

2. Dema wicked

3.He raised me



Upcoming projects

Afreeka is working on a new single, Universal Love, soon to be released in October 2016.It features a new sound consisting of the same message which has been prevalent in Afreeka’s lyrical content. Meanwhile get their music sampled on their Mdundo Account


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