Jinja: Debut Studio album by The Nile Project


The Nile Project released their second project “Jinja” on 10th January 2017. The debut studio album was recorded and Mixed by Andrew Reissiger. According to their bandcamp info…
“Jinja is the long awaited follow-up to Aswan, the live recording from the Nile Project’s debut concert in 2013. Featuring artists from Burundi, Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Sudan, and Uganda, the album consists of ten original compositions born during the Nile Project’s 2nd annual musicians Gathering in Jinja, Uganda.

Jinja captures cross-cultural musical collaborations among artists sharing diverse relationships to world’s longest river. Kindred harps and resonant lyres from the Nile’s sources in East Africa and Ethiopia to its deltas in Sudan and Egypt have reunited to learn new musical modes while buzzing timbres and ingenious polyrhythms support vocals in six languages.”

The JINJA tracklist:
1. Inganji—feat. Sophie Nzayisenga* and Selamnesh Zemene
2. Allah Baqy—feat. Dina El Wedidi and Sarah Abunama-Elgadi
3. Ya Abai Wuha—feat. Selamnesh Zemene*
4. Omwiga—feat. Micheal Bazibu
5. Uruzi Nil—feat. Steven Sogo
6. Dil Mahbuby—feat. Dina El Wedidi and Mohamed Abozekry*
7. Tenseo—feat. Jorga Mesfin, Mohamed Abozekry and Selamnesh Zemene
8. Marigarita—feat. Sophie Nzayisenga*, Hany Bedair, and Selamnesh Zemene
9. Biwelewele—feat. Steven Sogo
10. Mulungi Munange—feat. Micheal Bazibu*, Sophie Nzayisenga and Steven Sogo

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