Masa Music East Africa: Interview with Hustlajay

We sat down with Hustlajay, who is the Operations Manager of the new Masa Music EA. Masa Music is associated with Ken Ring, who Swedish rapper with Kenyan roots. We asked the executive about the new label and what we need to expect from them.
AIPATE: Tell me more about the new label. Is it a partnership between Ken Ring and you? Or its just a branch of Masa Music?
HUSTLAJAY: It’s both a partnership and a branch of Masa Music Sweden.
AIPATE: Will it cover whole of East Africa?
HUSTLAJAY: Yes and not just that, Masa Music is stretching till Gambia. It will be leading the big players in the region
AIPATE: What exactly is your role as Operations Manager?
HUSTLAJAY: I will ensure the smooth running of the studio in Mombasa, arrange media tours, (project) launches and other events as well as oversee artist development and their projects.
AIPATE: Who are the artist in the new label and will you be signing in new artists? HUSTLAJAY: We are proud to have signed Johnny Vigeti, King Wakuu, Judge Black Duo and Duane Stephenson and we will produce many more.
AIPATE: What should we expect from Masa EA. I mean, ideally, what would Masa Music EA look like in the next five months?
HUSTLAJAY: You should be only expecting the best! Beats, Lyrics, Sound and Videos are all top caliber, unique and simply F.A.T! I hope that Masa Music will bundle the existing professionalism in the region and take the music industry to the next level.
AIPATE: What inspired the creation of this label?
HUSTLAJAY: The label originated in Sweden through the struggles of Hip Hop artist Kenring, who has his roots in Kenya.
AIPATE: Finally, what’s your vision for Masa Music EA?
HUSTLAJAY: My vision is to see Hip Hop artist from the region go international with music produced in Kenya and with conscious content.

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