HipHop with a Purpose: Hustlajay back with 3 new songs with Chindo-Umbwa, Tina Mweni, Wiseman, Ibra de Hustla and GP Rowdix


Hustlajay, with his Africa is Now foundation is working to bridge the gap between Hip-hop and sensitivity to social issues and I have grown fond of the movement because there is a purpose behind it. Aipate previously ran an article sharing his documentary that he featured immediate former Chief Justice of Kenya Dr Willy Mutunga and it was so inspiring as well as enlightening us of the plights majority of people go through in seeking justice.

Recently Hustlajay went to Tanzania’s city of Arusha and met a number of artists spreading the culture of socially-conscious Hip-hop and in the process he was able to record 3 songs featuring a number of artists:

1. “Back To Roots” & Tina Mweni {France-based]

2.”Jitambue Muafrika” featuring Wiseman & Chindo Umbwa Lotuno {Watengwa}

3. “Nani Sio” featuring Wiseman, Gp Rowdix Obikoto {Mstaafrika} & Ibra de Hustla {Nako 2 Nako]

I listened to the tracks was chilled with them on the first listening. Am sure you will too.


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