Why Is Hip-Hop So Big? By, Bob Lefsetz

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Wendy Day

I don’t know.

In case you missed the memo, hip-hop is exploding on streaming services, it’s even bigger than it is in the sales world, demonstrating true demand, because people are actually listening. Why?

I can only speculate.

The first thing that comes to mind is culture. The white world is bankrupt, with its lame TV competition shows, believing if you’re lily-white you’re desirable when the truth is when you flaunt convention, break rules, people cling to you, which begs the question why all these white hip-hop fans voted for Trump, which they did, then again, Trump is hip-hop, as in he doesn’t believe in political correctness and marches to the beat of his own drummer and believes the law is there to be manipulated and challenged.

But no hip-hop act will play the inauguration. Kid Rock and Ted Nugent are lining up, paragons of the past, do you see…

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