Xtatic announces debut album “Unrehearsed” with Sony Music Africa

Xtatic announced that her debut album with Sony Music Africa is coming soon and it will be titled “Unrehearsed”. The Kenyan female rapper signed to Sony music back in 2012 and hadn’t released any project with the Sony Entertainment.


She shared the news via Twitter:

Then she reveled the title

After signing to Sony, she released a couple of tracks before she went quiet, a thing she attributed to the label not being supportive and she reacted by leaving the Rockstar4000, the management team under Sony, and settled for another. This led her to work on “Let Me Xplain” mixtape, a project she says Sony didn’t contribute to.

Xtatic on 8th March stated that this could possibly the only album under Sony and will have a mix of rap and singing. The album production is done mostly by Fahrenheitz and includes collaborations from Tanzanian and South African acts. Most of the songs were recorded between 2012 and 2014 and three of them are already released. [update]
Now it is good news that her album is coming through and it might be the biggest album considering Sony’s financial muscles. We will keep you informed on the developments here on AIPATE.




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